As a customer-driven company, Olvitech provides comprehensive, fully integrated solutions enable customers to rapidly deploy cost-effective, revenue-generating services. With local office in Russia and the CIS, as well as Business partners, Olvitech SVN group offers a full range of services in All Video Technologies solutions such as video security; video analytics and homeland security (HLS), media and video analysis, test and measurement systems, video over IP delivery, DVB systems, and international network services.

Our customers are located throughout Russia and CIS, and include government bodies and private enterprises looking for solutions in a wide range of industries.

Olvitech Group comprises Olvitech Ltd (Israel) and SVN-Group (Russia) and operates an extensive network of local Business partners.

Each of our regional representatives and local offices has expert knowledge of its given region, and together they serve as the core platform of our global strategy. Our organization therefore combines the product and service-based strategy with the handling of regional special requirements. By vertically integrating these two strategies, we are providing the best convenient and organic solution for our business partners and customers. We intend to meet the diverse needs of our customers in each region under this flexible system, focusing on human resource development and taking other steps in pursuit of business that is firmly grounded in each of the regions.

Olvitech holds all required government licenses and certifications for full portfolio of product lines.

Olvitech solutions provide the network foundation for distinct markets like:

Security Sector

Transportation and Ports
Railways / Regional Transport Authority/ Traffic Management Authority/ Bus Stations/ Post Office Transportation Division / Metro and Underground / Airports / Ports / Security Transportation

Power, Energy and Utilities
Energy Holdings / Heating Facilities / Oil and Gas Corporations/ Gas and Oil Pipelines and Delivery / Nuclear Facilities / Solid Waste & Recycling Facilities / Water Reservoirs / Progress and Green Energy Facilities /Critical infrastructure

Banks and Finance Institutes / Credit Card Printing Facilities/ Currency and Funds Printing Facilities

Fabrics and Factories / Mining and Elaboration Facilities / Hi-tech and Engineering Companies/ Mineral processing applications and optimization / Plants / Transport Manufactories

Public sector
Administration/ Navy and Military bases / Customs and Borders Check Points/ Education Institutes/ Schools and Kindergartens / Safe City and City Monitoring / Embassies / Ministries / Police / Public Places / Stadiums / Centers of Religion / Museums and Theaters / Hospitals and Medical Centers / Prison, Correction and Courthouse Customers

Real estate and construction
Cottages / Residences / Office Buildings / Parking Zones

Media Sector

  • Media and Entertainment
  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Content Providers
  • Broadcasters
  • Playouts Centers
  • Teleports
  • Regulators
  • Media Research Companies
  • IPTV Service Providers
  • Over IP Networks
  • Cable Operators
  • DVBT/T2 Networks
  • Satellite DTH Networks


  • Teleports
  • Satellite Operators
  • Telecom Operators
  • Call Centers
  • Education Institutes
  • Banks