FLIR iPad / iPhone Applications

DVTEL’s Latitude NVMS mobile application and the Apple iPad and iPhone comprise an exciting environment for real-time video monitoring and recording on-the-go. As a part of DVTEL’s Smart Security Solutions, this complementary advanced application allows users to monitor multiple camereas at one time, change their viewing pattern with a touch of the finger, control PTZ cameras and start and stop recording. All in real-time.

dvtel-ipad-demo-smaller-rgbThis solution is critical to the changing environment of physical security incident investigation. Now, a mobile device can be taken into the field so that a situation can be monitored and decisions and actions can be made instantaneously based on the best information available

More organizations require immediate business impact and return on investment in today’s challenging economy, and the ability to integrate multiple edge data points and customize your system enhances the value beyond traditional security. DVTEL focuses on a flexible solution that can change according to your needs.

So, Think - Custom Applications. Think - Unique Solutions. Think - Synergy. Think - Open Platform. Think - Improved Operator Efficiency. Think - Improved ROI of your Existing Security Application. Think DVTEL. 

DVTEL’s Applications & Integration Center (AIC) group provides custom automation and operation and third-party integration to DVTEL’s intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) platform so that every DVTEL solution has the ability to be tailored to meet the requirements of the customer.

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