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The DVTEL Google Earth module integrates DVTEL’s Network Video Management System (NVMS) with Google Earth’s location based presentation capabilities.
The module provides a seamless and easy-to-use integration with Latitude’s Admin Center and Control Center.           Using AdminCenter, users can fully configure the plug-in by assigning global positioning coordinates to Latitude cameras which later can be added to Google Earth maps. Using ControlCenter, users can monitor Google Earth maps which automatically place Latitude cameras at the configured coordinates. Moreover, users can also interact with the Latitude cameras right from the Google Earth map; they can view live video popup when hovering over a camera as well as easily identify a camera with a Google popup balloon. They can also double-click a camera to open live video view in a Control Center tile. For added convenience, users can change the globe view by entering street address or coordinates right from the Google Earth map.

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DVTEL’s Applications & Integration Center (AIC) group provides custom automation and operation and third-party integration to DVTEL’s intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) platform so that every DVTEL solution has the ability to be tailored to meet the requirements of the customer.

Integration features

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  • The Google Earth Map can be configured in Admin Center.
  • Google Earth maps use the Latitude map infrastructure and augment it with a special configuration tab, which allows the user to associate Latitude cameras and maps with the Google Earth map.
  • User can specify the global positioning coordinates for each Latitude camera and map.
  • User can add KMZ files to the Google Earth map.
  • Google Earth map can be opened and viewed inside Control Center tiles.
  • Go to Location button on the amp will move the globe to the specified address.
  • Hover the mouse over a camera will display a live popup window of the camera.
  • Left click on the camera icon will show the camera name, logical id and camera description.
  • Double click on the camera icon on the Google Earth globe will display a live view of the camera in the next available Control Center tile.


google appAlarm features

  • If an alarm is triggered with an associated camera that is the Google Earth map, the camera icon will change to red highlight. After the alarm is acknowledged, the icon will revert to its original form.
  • A Control Center Zoom-on-Alarm plug-in can be used to allow or prevent the globe from focusing on the associated cameras when an alarm is triggered