Sencore is an engineering leader in the development of high-quality signal transmission solutions for the broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV, and professional audio/video markets. The company's world-class portfolio includes video delivery products, system monitoring and analysis solutions, and test and measurement equipment, all designed to support system interoperability and backed by best-in-class customer support. Sencore meets the rapidly changing needs of modern media by ensuring the efficient delivery of high-quality video from the source to the home.


Video Delivery

Highly Versatile Video Delivery and Signal Transmission

Our customers have key requirements for video delivery – whether completing a migration to HD or harnessing the power of IPTV for cost-effective and high-quality content delivery to many different platforms and audiences. Meeting these goals means dealing with a complex transmission environment that includes a variety of signals, interfaces, formats, codecs, and standards.


Sencore’s advanced video delivery and signal transmission technologies overcome the complexities to enable consistent, high-quality video distribution. Our solutions offer proven compatibility with a wide range of technologies including analog, digital, HD/SD, MPEG2, H.264, IP, 8VSB, QAM, and DVB-S/S2. Led by the MRD 3187B Receiver Decoder, the industry's only professional multi-format modular receiver decoder, our video delivery products include a range of receiver decoders, modulators, transcoders, multiplexers, servers/streamers/players, and PCI cards.

Sencore products enable the highest-quality video delivery available today, in the broadest range of applications. For single-point or multi-point distribution of MPEG transport streams consisting of compressed audio, video, and data services, we can transcode between common compression codes, transrate compressed streams for bandwidth savings, and receive and decode compressed services for monitoring and re-encoding. Sencore solutions are also ideal for video contribution applications such as electronic newsgathering (ENG) via satellite, IP networks, and microwave links, or for delivering real-time live content streams from sports and entertainment venues.


Video Delivery Products


Sencore Recever Decoder Sencore Modulators  Sencore Transcoders 

Receiver Decoders






Sencore Multiplexers


Sencore PCI cards

PCI Cards

Sencore Streamers







Digital Video System Monitoring

The complexity of today’s video delivery chain makes troubleshooting more difficult and monitoring more important than ever before. With effective monitoring, broadcast, cable, DSL, and telco operators can isolate and troubleshoot video signal problems before they interfere with the viewer experience. Therefore, advanced signal monitoring technology is crucial for delivering the absolute highest quality of experience (QoE) for audiences watching at home, on computers, or even on mobile devices.

Sencore Monitoring

Our comprehensive digital video system monitoring products ensure consistent, high-quality content delivery by providing continuous logging and monitoring of multiple signal types in both digital TV and IPTV networks. Broadcast engineers can remotely identify and resolve problems before they occur, respond to alerts and alarms, and quickly isolate the cause of outages with real-time system metrics and comparative analysis of critical measurements and system logs.

Sencore’s signal monitoring solutions include the MPEGScan Compressed Media Compliance Analyzer, providing in-depth analysis of all compressed video media, as well as signal monitoring products for RF, IP, and MPEG2/4 transport streams.


Monitoring Products


System Monitoring  Monitoring HE  Monitoring File Based






Monitoring Portable


Monitoring Mobile Video





Transport Stream, Signal Integrity and Signal Analyzers

Often, delivering the highest quality of experience (QoE) boils down to how quickly your engineers and technicians can isolate signal problems and make critical system adjustments. This degree of control and network visibility requires best-in-breed tools for transport stream and signal analysis and integrity, to ensure system performance and maximize bandwidth availability.

Sencore offers a complete range of solutions for video quality analysis and troubleshooting of MPEG, IP, RF and digital video signals. The analysis family includes tools for MPEG/IPTV, field service, SDI, and pro A/V applications as well as PCI cards. Our products can accept a variety of physical inputs – including ASI, QAM, and Ethernet – with the ability to report transport stream status on the physical layer, protocol, audio/video levels and quality of service (QoS) parameters in an easy-to-understand way.


Analysis Products


Analysis MPEG IPTV  Analysis Field Service  Analysis SDI Analysis PCI Cards


Field Service


PCI Cards


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