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  iStock 000016767662Small         Today, more than ever before, companies of all sectors and sizes experience increasing dependability on computers. As increased computerization takes place, its financial and environmental impact has become very evident.

Whether you work for a small organization, a medium size company or a large enterprise, SoftXpand multi-seat software solution is increasingly becoming a mainstream for your businesses. The SoftXpand multi-user technology allows multiple users to work simultaneously, independently and seamlessly while relying on a single computer.

 Education - Classrooms, Labs, Libraries


  • 8 people can share a single computer and run all education software and applications
 3D CAD -Engineering Houses , Architects


  • Inventor, AutoCad, SolidWorks, Maya3D, OrCad: 4 users sharing one PC
 Graphic Designers & studios


  • Photoshop, Premiere - 8 users sharing 1 PC
 Retail Stores, Banks, Service Providers
  • Point Of Service - Service Provider and Customer get separate displays with dedicated content, all from one computer.
  • Point Of Sale - 6 users complete retail store solution using 1 PC and multiple touch screens.


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Video over IP


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Icon 01 Streaming over the Public internet with Broadcast Quality Video 

Icon 01 High Quality Video and Low Bandwidth Overhead

Icon 01 Lowering the cost of content contribution

Icon 01 Efficient and low cost Internet backup to Primary Video lines

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