Border Defense

One of the most important tasks of Home Land Security is nation Border Protection, and the preliminary detection and elimination of any security hazard that might accrue in this sensitive environment. From prevention of illegal smuggling to Anti-Terror actions, the law enforcement agencies responsible for the Border defense are challenged with the ever changing manipulation of criminals and terrorists trying to fulfill their criminal act within the country boundaries. The problem only emphasized in the absence of physical borders on vast areas, where there is a higher level of illegal immigration, criminal activities (such as Drugs smugglings) and terrorist acts. As a result of the evolving crime and changing terror methods, law enforcement agencies cannot allow only the human factor to fight those challenges; hence we witness a smooth migration from relaying on the human factor only automation and technical means of protection using complex analytics algorithm, unique CCTV features and enhanced management systems to allow reliable and fast decision making. The Border Security challenges consists of several components, where the most outstanding is how to combine all those threats and set up the Security system in order to ensure border protection, while taking the required action to what the actual security event is. 

Hence the real challenge is how to achieve maximum system efficiency, while avoiding human factor (fatigue, random errors, etc.).The answer lays in artificial intelligence independently conducting analysis in order to prevent a variety of events, together with the system ability to aggregate all information from other Border Defense Security systems, and present them all in a friendly logical manner, helping operators to take decisions effectively.

Olvitech SVN group Border Defense suite of solutions comes in order to assist the law enforcement agencies in achieving maximum security vs the growing Border Defense challenges.


Federation - Multiple Directories


iSOC is an Open Platform 

It supports many of the most popular brands of IP cameras, encoders, access control readers and panels, and intercoms. With DVTel’s iSOC, you will never be locked into proprietary hardware. The platform also includes a growing family of DVTel software solutions including SceneTracker Video Stitching Software, CaseBuilder Incident Reporting and Management System, Integrated Access Control, and Mentor Agent Recording and Training Software.



Video Analytics

ioimage intelligent video analytics are field-proven with thousands of deployed units including military bases and borders, nuclear facilities, international airports, legislative buildings, vehicle manufacturing, national landmarks, distribution warehouses, railroads, automobile dealerships, religious institutions, petroleum and critical infrastructures and a wide variety of private sector sites. ioimage intelligent video analytics can be used with thermal cameras in order to improve visibility and efficiency of the system.


 sds mobile w screen


The Expert system COGITO

SDS solution is an automated decision making system capable of collecting and analyzing psycho-physiological indications and cross-referencing these indications with additional objective (and available) information. The system can isolate those suspects that qualify for secondary investigation by trained investigators. The system performs this with a high level of accuracy and reliability (not more than 4% false alarm).