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Companies in the oil and gas industry face with a growing number of security challenges. Typical installation of oil and gas drilling, production and transportation, cover a large geographical area, and are often located in the coastal and marine remote areas. Distributed Gas & Oil sites are linked in a network of pipelines, which are physically exposed and therefore vulnerable to threats, terror attaches and natural disasters.

A complete security solution for Gas and Oil operations, should take into account the entire infrastructure - starting with the Drilling Stations (RIG) to refineries, major buildings and offices, as well as the transportation of refined products, by means of pipelines that spreads over vast distances, containers and Oil and Gas Parks..

In order to provide a reliable adequate security solution at industrial facilities, the oil and gas companies must implement systems, taking into account issues such as the integration with heterogeneous physical security devices and technologies, aggregation of all  security information (such as video surveillance, access control and management identification, etc) from the geographically distributed facilities, and managing the network from both local control centers and central control rooms for a whole network management..

Mission Critical facilities such as the Oil and Gas industry requires an enterprise-wide video surveillance system featuring – high level of reliability, scalability (Future Proof System), flexibility (i.e. open platform) to integrated with existing security systems already working (exp. Access Control and Fire Alarm systems), ease of use, and advanced archive depth searching  algorithm.

Based on Multi-Source Intelligence System, Olvitech integrates oil and gas security management solutions and provides the level of safety together with an operational situation center, all to provide the Gas & Oil operator with the highest level of security.

DVTEL platform, integrated with various physical intrusion detection systems, access control, satellite transmission, wireless and wired communication, solar and alternative energy sources provides a cutting edge protection in the most inaccessible areas.

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