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dhlWith multimillion-dollar inventories located in rental car companies, car manufactories, transportation, logistics, and distribution of the goods or any other transportation companies are lucrative targets for vandals and thieves looking for low-mileage vehicles and a wide choice of auto parts. The financial losses caused by the theft or destruction of even a single vehicle can be tremendous for these businesses.
A dramatic rise in theft and vandalism is costing transportation industry worldwide huge amounts in damages and increased insurance premiums.

Theft and vandalism are not the only problems. The company also had to find a way to stop unauthorized people from accessing restricted areas and curtail damage to property and vehicles caused by careless driving and parking.

Mobile Solution

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Piccolo is a mobile video surveillance solution for the monitoring transportation; serves as a tactical device for control vehicles mobility, goods or cash, with location services using the GPS map and video/audio streams from inside their vehicles. Each device equipped with panic button which can be pressed by drivers in the case of emergencies.

X-banner - SVN TB2013 Piccolo - 3The Piccolo is designed for real-time, surveillance and monitoring capabilities with high video quality, fully synchronized with bi-directional audio, and GPS location services that can be transmitted from the field at low bandwidth.

The Piccolo architecture which supports multiple units and multiple clients, allows continues and reliable transmission without overloading the network, while supporting numerous on-field units.

The Piccolo provides high quality live video and audio, as well as GPS transmission over wireless and cellular networks (3G & GPRS & HSPA & EDGE & Wi-Fi) from anywhere to any location. The unit can be monitored and controlled from Network System Management (PSM) at any location, or from smart phones and PDAs.

The system is planned to stream video with a very low bit rate (from 10kbit/s and up). The Piccolo units are optimized for wireless and cellular networks and provide stable video streaming at the highest available quality, without visible performance lag (low latency). The system is designed for streaming in low network bandwidth environments over long distances and is tolerant of packet failure when cellular GSM reception is low.

The Piccolo Management Software (PMS) is advanced scalable complete software comprising of Server/ Client/ architecture, allowing configuring, monitoring and controlling hundreds of on-field live Piccolo units from any location. The PMS software is designed to provide the operator with HLS related features and possibilities, while maintaining maximum user friendliness.

 Among the Piccolo benefits you can find:

  • Portable Mobile Video/Audio/GPS solution
  • Automatic bandwidth control
  • 1-4 video channels over single unit
  • Requires only a signle SIM Card
  • Built-in Panic button
  • SMS alerts to Mobile phones
  • On-Unit and Centralized recording capabilities
  • Built-in lithium rechargeable battery providing 4 working hours
  • Advanced user friendly software
  • Unit S/W upgrade on the fly
  • Uses very low power (5V)
  • Smallest Unit in Industry – Only 10x5x2.8cm and 130gr
  • Stream media directly to the web

Logistic and Distribution

logisticAguila de Oro Transport (TAO) is a holding company dedicated to transportation, logistics, and distribution of merchandise in Mexico, the United States, and Canada, The company was founded 54 years ago as a family business, and at that time TAO had only one truck, one plant, and 12 employees. Today, the company employs 500 people and has a fleet of over 300 trucks to provide dry and refrigerated transport services, as well as door-to-door service.

The majority of transport companies suffer from common theft on an almost daily basis. According to Juan A. Gonzalez, director of Assekuransa (a company specializing in international merchandise transportation), the most vulnerable countries in the Americas region are Argentina, Brazil and, Mexico.TAO ships cargo throughout North America and as such must meet strict trade and terrorism compliance standards in order to carry on business smoothly. The company sought to obtain necessary C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism) certification, which demands close, effective control of cargo and cargo loading at all times. Another end user objective was to unify and control staff time and attendance, even at locations where there are no supervisors.

After an overall assessment of TAO’s needs, systems integrator Global Business Solutions (GBS) recommended DVTel’s Intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC), a unified system of video and access control for the offices and maritime terminals located in Monterrey, Santa Rosa (Nueva Leon state) and Laredo (Tamaulipas).
The solution installed by GBS consists of 100 cameras and about 75 points of access, spread throughout the many different buildings in the three cities. HID Global supplied key components for the IP-based access control system, including 45 iCLASSTM readers, 25 VertXTM V2000 controllers, four bioCLASSTM readers for the office and one EdgePlusTM reader.
GBS’ solution is notable for being 100% IP and 100% open platform. It has DVTel and AXIS cameras, as well as DVTel encoders. Access control is handled through HID as well as biometric readers by Bioscrypt. The video recording server is from Sun Microsystems and has four 500GB drives that store 10 days worth of video. The video has MPEG-4 and MJPEG format, depending on the cameras and their location in the network.

The unified video and access control security systems are distributed across several distant locations, but thanks to the fact that they communicate through IP networks, a centralized administration of all events is possible.
The video surveillance system covers all entrances and loading zones, as well as the perimeters, in order to minimize merchandise theft. The access control system achieved the unification of time control and personnel attendance for all locations, including those locations that do not have supervisors. Access control also limits entry for specific areas and times during the day, allowing entry only to authorized personnel.

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st screenshot 1StorageTek is a $2 billion worldwide company with more than 7,000 employees located in 32 countries. This storage solutions and services expert faces many of the same security challenges of most Fortune 500 companies -- theft, espionage, accidents, and work place violence. The StorageTek security operation also faced an increasingly important nonsecurity challenge: changing perceptions about security from a cost center to that of a value-added resource 

StorageTek's primary goals included both improved security system performance and the ability to demonstrate a compelling return on investment (ROI). The company wanted to upgrade from analog recording to a digital solution that

would meet long-term storage needs, while integrating with StorageTek's products to showcase the power and versatility of their range of storage solutions for security applications. Finally, the security management team sought to increase the productivity of its security communications specialists and to improve the efficiency of its incident investigation process.
Because of high storage demands and StorageTek's desire for centralized storage, a DVR was not an option due to its limited functionality and cost. The DVTel system met StorageTek's stringent requirements by providing a powerful software-based platform that performs event-based recording without the need for additional hardware. The combined DVTel Network Video Management System (NVMS) and StorageTek Digital Video Archive solution easily met management's minimum storage requirement of 30 days worth and can be configured to achieve the ultimate goal of 90 days storage with centralized viewing and storage for all video data.
With the Latitude NVMS, StorageTek can select different frame rates for viewing and recording on each individual camera, providing far greater control and flexibility of the entire system and enabling them to better control bandwidth needs on the network.

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