Other Media Industries

Ad Agencies & Media Monitoring Companies

Media is your most valuable asset, it is the foundation of your business. With a unified media recording and management system (Actus4) we offer immediate access and enhanced tagging of your entire media (View). Advanced features such as Rating Analyzer and automatic tracking of ads (AdWatch) are also available – Actus is the ultimate media recording and analysis platform for media research companies


Broadcast Verification & Monitoring for Playout Centers & Teleports

Teleports are often required to comply with regulation, and keep a low-res copy of all the content transmitted for a period of up to 90 days – this is exactly what we do best, check out our latest Actus4 platform with the View module, we know that it will be the ultimate answer for your needs.

Maybe your customers need these advanced solutions? Why not offer them better services, and offer Actus’ solutions, including View, Rating Analyzer and Clip Factory as a service?


Governmental Organizations

For defense, internal and external affairs ministries, monitoring and analyzing broadcast media is an essential part of daily activity. Most of the information that feeds decision makers within these ministries is often found in the open broadcast channels.

Utilizing proven technology that comes from the professional broadcast world, Actus systems have successfully implemented in numerous projects of media monitoring for some major players in this market.


Why choose us?

We have the best media monitoring solution on the market today. Actus systems insure that you will never lose a frame of recording, and you will be able to access, retrieve and share media from any monitored channel, within seconds.

We are flexible, allowing you room to grow in any direction. We know government agencies’ needs change rapidly, as does the world around us. This is why we provide solutions that can easily grow with you:

  1. Seamlessly increase the number of monitored channels
  2. Increase the number of users, allowing them to access the system, even from remote locations
  3. Increase the retention period, save the media for as long as you need
  4. Cover even larger geographical area by remotely recording feeds and integrating them seamlessly into the centralized solution

If you are a defense/foreign affairs/internal affairs ministry, or system integrator looking for a large scale media monitoring solution, contact us today.