OTT Operators

multi-screen 2 -7f9fcThe broadcast industry is undergoing a major transformation with viewers embracing anytime-and-anywhere TV consumption. The proliferation of different devices (e.g., TVs, tablets, PCs, and smartphones) and different networks (pay TV, over-the-top, and mobile) calls for an increasing number of video formats that need to be efficiently and reliably delivered to consumer screens.

ATEME’s Multi-screen Solution addresses this challenge for content distributors and Pay-TV operators with a focus on the End User’s quality of experience, and especially video quality at the lowest bitrates. Other highlights of the solution include a wide interoperability with current and forthcoming viewing devices, and system scalability in terms of TV channels, VOD catalogue expansion, and number of output profiles supported.

ATEME Multi-screen offering features

• Real-time or off-line processing for Live TV, VOD and Catch-up services across multiple devices.

• Fit in established managed network delivery environments – IPTV, Satellite, and Cable – as well as the adaptive Over-The-Top delivery playground.

• Close integration and interoperability with ecosystem partners such as content storage, conditional access systems/DRM, automated content verification, or CDN platforms.

• Lower costs of Video Head End through easy integration with northbound network/content management systems.

ATEME unique benefits

 Best-of-breed video quality and bandwidth efficiency

• Outstanding processing density

• Production of streaming and adaptive streaming profiles

• Interoperability with all widespread end-user devices • Scalable and future-proof Intel®-based architecture

• Convergence of live and off-line workflows on the same platform