Service Providers

As the world moving to IP and more MSOs, content providers, cable operators, telecoms and broadcasters face new challenges in delivering video over IP. Video over IP is not just another data stream.

IP networks provide a highly attractive infrastructure for video broadcast, combining low cost, flexible delivery, easy personalization and attractive redundancy options.

Increasingly, the idea of moving video content over IP has been gaining momentum among content providers, infrastructure companies and operators.  IP technology is being utilized to leverage existing capabilities in several domains such as enabling true multiple -play of voice, video, and data services, cost-effective models for content providers and infrastructure companies, and scalable solutions to support increasing demands for more services.


multi-screen 2 -7f9fcThe broadcast industry is undergoing a major transformation with viewers embracing anytime-and-anywhere TV consumption. Operators seeking to provide bundles of services that appeal to their subscribers (e.g., TVs, tablets, PCs, and smartphones) and different networks (pay TV, over-the-top, and mobile) calls for an increasing number of video formats that need to be efficiently and reliably delivered to consumer screens.

ATEME’s Multi-screen Solution addresses this challenge for content distributors and Pay-TV operators with a focus on the End User’s quality of experience, and especially video quality at the lowest bitrates. This allows content providers and infrastructure companies to implement new business models.

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Multi-Function Turn-Around Processors

DMG JeffBMSO and Telcos worldwide have begun adopting and implementing IP based solutions for their new services. Sencore is providing IP-based equipment such as video servers, edge device, encoders, multiplexers and streamers with IP support, to create a full end-to-end IP solution.

  • Remote Collection and Backhaul Easily configure the DMG to receive signals from RF and IP transmissions in remote reception locations. Re-multiplex services for efficient retransmission using high-performance IP encapsulation and FEC protected outputs. 1RU and 4RU form factors ensure a perfect fit when space is limited and hot-swappable power supplies and modules guarantees uninterrupted service and happy viewers.
  • Service Aggregation and Re-distribution Advanced service filtering, descrambling, table processing and multiplexing capabilities make the DMG the perfect tool for preparing services for re-distribution at regional head-ends and local video hub offices.
  • Development Labs and Test Benches The DMG has the ability to implement all the functionality and signal types found

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Content Detection

Automatic Content Detection & Ad Tracking - It is a flexible platform that enables advertising agencies, content producers, distributors and regulators to verify content airing according to plan - either on local channels or by affiliates located remotely.

  • Automated Content Detection for Television and Radio - AdWatch is the first system to automatically detect re-occurring media items such as ads, promos, election campaign ads and more across any Television and Radio broadcast - whether the channel is local or remote.
  • Reduce Your Operational cost for Content Detection - With automatic content detection, all you need to do is give the system a single reference - from that moment, content is automatically tracked on all channels.  Previously recorded media is scanned as well, ensuring no instances were missed.
  • Make Sure Ads You Paid For Are Broadcasted - AdWatch keeps track hundreds of ads running on an unlimited number of channels. Actus sends a real-time notification every time your commercial runs on any channel.
  • Monitor Ad Campaigns Locally or at Remote Locations - AdWatch can be implemented at a local site, monitoring channels in your own office. It can also monitor channels broadcasted at remote locations by you or your affiliates.

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The main technical challenges with IP transport are associated with QoS.

Although IP has tremendous capacity, today’s networks, by nature, are not yet designed to handle video data’s unique characteristics. The following challenges exist in IP-based networks: Jittering, Packet loss, Re-ordering, Bandwidth management and more.

Olvitech SVN group is offering solutions which overcoming these challenges, and together with the system layer, provide a highly reliable solution for video transmission over IP networks.

Test and Measurement Equipment

The complexity of today’s video delivery chain makes troubleshooting more difficult and monitoring more important than ever before. With effective monitoring, broadcast, cable, DSL, and telco operators can isolate and troubleshoot video signal problems before they interfere with the viewer experience. Therefore, advanced signal monitoring technology is crucial for delivering the absolute highest quality of experience (QoE) for audiences watching at home, on computers, or even on mobile devices.

Our comprehensive digital video system monitoring products ensure consistent, high-quality content delivery by providing continuous logging and monitoring of multiple signal types in both digital TV and IPTV networks. Broadcast engineers can remotely identify and resolve problems before they occur, respond to alerts and alarms, and quickly isolate the cause of outages with real-time system metrics and comparative analysis of critical measurements and system logs.

Sencore’s signal monitoring solutions include the MPEGScan Compressed Media Compliance Analyzer, providing in-depth analysis of all compressed video media, as well as signal monitoring products for RF, IP, and MPEG2/4 transport streams.

Error Correction for recovering 100% of packet loss

VideoFlow's innovative packet recovery technology guarantees 100% protection against packet loss using a robust algorithms suite that is transparent to the original transmitter and receivers, offloading the original sender for better scalability. VideoFlow uses patent-pending, state-of-the-art VideoFlow error correction (VFEC), a unique on-demand packet recovery technique. VideoFlow's patented packet recovery has multiple layers of protection techniques, all designed with a single goal, which is to recover lost packets using minimum bandwidth.

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