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Green Solutions

Olvitech SVN Group successfully implemented SoftXpand desktop virtualization solution in one of regional Russian Republican Academies. This innovative technology allows multiple users to work simultaneously, independently and seamlessly while relying on a single computer. Using SoftXpand technology, the Academy operates class rooms with 16 working stations using only 2 PC.  SoftXpand green and cost effective solution dramatically decreased Academy CAPEX and OPEX for IT.      


Monitoring via 3G mobile video surveillance solution for the HLS and remote areas

Olvitech SVN Group has implemented the real-time, surveillance and monitoring system by deployment of Piccolo P–100 solution for privet security sector in Russia. Piccolo is a mobile video surveillance solution for the HLS and monitoring remote areas; serves as a tactical device for agencies and administrations require mobile multimedia surveillance and monitoring solutions, with location services for low enforcement, Safe Cities and VSAAS applications.