Olvitech Solutions

Olvitech SVN group identifies and integrates the ideal technologies and solutions, based on the products of the leading world manufacturers, enabling customers to increase productivity, to improve performance of the network, and saving money as a goal.  Our advanced solutions are designed to give the competitive advantage in today's competitive markets.

Olvitech SVN group focuses on delivery of Multi-source Intelligence Systems over IP networks. Software and hardware based solutions create superior value for a wide range of customers by providing them a unique level of freedom to focus on what's most important—their primary strategic and business goals. 

Security Solutions

Security Solutions5

Olvitech SVN group offers Open Architecture System which designed to effectively integrate any CCTV security and surveillance products to leverage and protect investments in legacy infrastructure and equipment. 

This is first enterprise class solution to offer digital end-to-end monitoring and recording of video, audio and alarms for surveillance and security applications.

This unique architecture brings together in one system  open-standard, network-based VMS solutions. Whether the data is analog or digital, the our engine is 100% digital.



Video Solutions


Olvitech SVN group offers Advanced Digital Video and Media Systems that enable network, broadcast, cable, satellite,IPTV operators and professional media markets to offer video, audio and data services to their subscribers. 

The encoding, streaming and archiving solutions offer superb (SD) and (HD); MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 H.264, and optimize network bandwidth using carrier-grade, fully redundant and scalable architecture. 

Such systems can be easily installed in any networks and offer users advanced digital video services with minimal latency, integrated security and highest availability.



Networks Solutions

Olvitech SVN group offers Hi-end Network Solutions which are designed to meet the unique requirements of organizations in wireless and fixed line data delivery.

In this dynamic industry, Olvitech’s vision and fast response to changing market needs are critical assets to our customers. Our clear vision and responsiveness to change enable our customers to stay ahead in the changing competitive landscape.