Networks Solutions

Olvitech SVN group offers hi-end network solutions which are designed to meet the unique requirements of organizations in wireless and fixed line data delivery.

In this dynamic industry, Olvitech’s vision and fast response to changing market needs are critical assets to our customers. Our clear vision and responsiveness to change enable our customers to stay ahead in the changing competitive landscape.

Olvitech SVN group delivers a wide range of Network solutions:

Virtualization: Today, more than ever before, companies of all sectors and sizes experience increasing dependability on computers. As increased computerization takes place, its financial and environmental impact has become very evident. Olvitech SVN group is offering desktop virtualization solution which increasingly becoming mainstream for businesses. The SoftXpand innovative, award-winning technology allows multiple users to work simultaneously, independently and seamlessly while relying on a single computer.

Video over IP:   Digital Content Protection Solution (DVP) enables network operators, content distributors, telecom, cable and satellite companies as well as mobile service providers to give their viewers the highest quality video anywhere, anytime, on any device. VideoFlow technology optimized video delivery over private and the public Internet, carry live HD video over long distances, Error Correction for recovering 100% of packet loss, Adaptive Buffering Algorithm compensating for packet jitter and creating Virtual Private Network tunneling

Piccolo-Wireless Solutions: Olvitech SVN group develops and deploys, markets and support wireless products that designed to work in a cellular environment. Piccolo wireless mobile video solutions, based on its innovative, wireless media streaming; especially designed to work in a cellular environment enabling variable bit rate and requiring minimal user intervention. Piccolo embedded media devices are very compact, handheld, combining dedicated software for encoding, streaming, recording and monitoring live high quality video, audio and tracking the location. Ideal for Special Forces and others who need immediate live video streaming from the field.