Homeland Security Solutions

To be effective, homeland security solutions must be based on a comprehensive understanding of the environment to be secured. A comprehensive solution requires outstanding technology-based equipment and systems as well as know-how, personnel training and logistics.

sds mobile w screenSDS 078Olvitech SVN group offers SDS solution is an automated decision making system capable of collecting and analyzing psycho-physiological indications and cross-referencing these indications with additional objective (and available) information.
The system can isolate those suspects that qualify for secondary investigation by trained investigators. The system performs this with a high level of accuracy and reliability (not more than 4% false alarm). Once an individual is tagged as ‘suspect’ he will be directed to further questioning by the appropriate authority. Moreover, the SDS concept is supported and enhanced by knowledge acquired from many case studies of suicide bombings in Israel and elsewhere, gathered by Israeli authorities and the academic community.

The flexible design concept of the system allows SDS to function as a ‘multi-purpose application’, which can be easily adapted to different environments. In this manner, the system can be used for counter terrorism as well as for additional border control applications such as immigration, drug enforcement, and entry to high-security buildings, etc.

About Technology

The SDS core technology is based on proprietary software; it is an “expert system” that emulates an investigator’s Modus Operandi (MO) by incorporating artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms. All hardware elements are best-of-breed off-the-shelf third-party components. The technical solution is comprised of a front-end, the ‘Test Station’, and a back-office where multiple-station and multiple-site data is stored, managed and distributed.

"COGITO" is a fully automated system not requiring human control and/or operation.

All of the COGITO products are an all in one unit which includes BIOMETRIC and Documentation Verification features in addition to the interrogation capabilities. The COGITO technology enables conducting hundred of interrogations without help of professional interrogator interviewers. In 5 minutes test the system can identify terrorists, employees who has hostile intents, criminals, smugglers or collaborators and direct further interrogation. The operation of the system is simple and requires only 2 hours training of any soldier with basic computer knowledge. 

Olvitech SVN group Homeland Security packages include:

Detection Systems

SDS DetectionThe COGITO1002 Test Station serves as the point-of-contact with the individual being examined. The Test Station features an ergonomic design and is adapted to the environmental conditions (limited space, necessity to queue, strong background noise etc.) common to border control points. 

The COGITO1003 is an “Internal Threat” prevention and detection system which was developed for pre employment and repetitive employees screening. It is also fully automated system and requires no involvement of professional interrogators or interviewers. 

Communications Intelligence and Investigative Solutions

SDS InvestigationThe COGITO4M is a military grade Rapid Intelligence Interrogation Solution. This new mobile system is already being used by intelligence units in Israel. The system enables military units to efficiently interrogate hostile or indifferent civil population. Using the COGITO4M will enable military unit which might have no knowledge of the local spoken language to identify who among the civilian is a wanted terrorist, where there might be nearby ambush or mine trap and above all – save lives. 
All mobile units can be connected to central command and control system that collect all data from all mobile stations. These data gathering process enable the self-learning capabilities of the system to ever improving system performance. COGITO4M is already serving armies and police units and has proven its capabilities in actual fields of operation

The "COGITO" Back-Office
The back-office is designed to manage and control all the test stations in a given site or nation-wide operation or even international global operation. It serves as the central unit that stores all test histories, examinees profiles and biometrics and is responsible for system administration, data distribution and interfacing to external systems and databases. The back-office is the main data store for all stations in a single site. The back-office servers, database storage and network elements are based on standard industrial hardware components. This center is also responsible to the auto learning capability of the system which allow continues learning of behavior patterns of individuals and segments of the population. The back-office is designed for high availability and best-of-breed data security.