Video Analytics

DVTel's Award Winning Smart Security Solutions™ for video surveillance protect critical infrastructure and other high value assets through its leading-edge IP camera technology and advanced ioimage video analytics – all integrated into our powerful, customizable Latitude Network Video Management System software.

Powerful analytics are needed to transform the vast amounts of raw video and data generated by closed circuit security TV systems into actionable intelligence.

Key features of video analytic security solutions include:

  • Analysis by embedded edge devices reduces processing time, data transport, equipment requirements and overall cost
  • Rule-based object detection, classification and tracking of suspicious activity
  • Intelligent application of scene- and object-specific analytic rules to accurate locate object
  • Forensic analysis identifies events and patterns in stored video to expedite investigations and enhance results
  • Real-time contextual scene viewing enabling multiple camera feeds to be integrated as a single scene read more about video analytics modules

ioimage (by DVTEL)—the intelligent video analytics solution

dvtel-ioi-white-paper iconIoimage solutions helps government, public and commercial organizations transform video surveillance into a proactive, event-driven process by using networked appliances for real-time detection, alert and tracking of intruders, vehicles and threats. Leveraging setup simplicity, product packaging and affordability, ioimage is uniquely positioned not only to offer a solution to the high-end video analytics market (such as military applications, nuclear facilities, critical infrastructure, transportation), but also to target the much larger commercial market (such as education, retail, industrial, manufacturing and logistics centers).

With a unique vision, technological expertise and field-proven products, ioimage is the intelligent video appliance provider of choice for more and more organizations across the globe.

Ioimage Highlights

  • ioimage world class analytics are the industry's undisputed leader in outdoor intrusion detection.
  • ioimage intelligent video analytics are field-proven with thousands of deployed units including military bases and borders, nuclear facilities, international airports, legislative buildings, vehicle manufacturing, national landmarks, distribution warehouses, railroads, automobile dealerships, religious institutions, petroleum and critical infrastructures and a wide variety of private sector sites.
Analytics Detection Scenarios
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Edge Based Analytics

Edge Based Analytics: The ioimage Distinction

  • On-board analytics: All iomage analytics are edge based, delivered in our cameras and encoders.
  • Video analytics enabled appliances are easy to install and set up in minutes.
  • Intelligent video detection is configured using a web browser and the DVTel Latitude NVMS software.
  • The analytic algorithm is optimized to run on a DSP based appliance.
  • Eliminates sharing and overloading of PC resources for intelligent video processing, PC operations problems and network latencies.
  • Images are processed before compression which otherwise would reduce image quality and detection capabilities resulting in increased probability of detection and lowered false alarm rates.

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Intelligent Video IP Cameras with Video Analytics

The ioicam series is a range of edge-device surveillance cameras combined with ioimage intelligent video analytics and advanced technology, they provide premium solutions that reduce deployment time and increase surveillance capabilities.


Intelligent Video Encoders with Video Analytics

The ioibox series is a range of intelligent video self-sustained centralized and edge-devices, with built-in self-sustained video analytics for powerful automated detection and autonomous tracking of intruders, suspicious baggage, stopped vehicles, removed items and more.

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SOFTWARE MANAGEMENTNetwork Video Management System

The NVMS is a fully Scalable enterprise-class media management system. This advanced network based system architecture enables simultaneous live monitoring from multiple stations and is easily configurable for storage both on and off site. The software can be configured to store and to view from one to thousands of cameras and monitor connections across an unlimited number of servers.


Product Layout

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