Security Systems and Video Surveillance

Intelligent Security Operations Center  is a unified, IP-based, open platform for multi-vendor support and works with off the shelf computer, networking, and storage hardware.

DVTel's Suite of professional grade network FULL HD IP and MegaPixel cameras, MJPEG/ MPEG-4/H.264 guarantees that you will no longer have to compromise on features or high-quality, real-time video for live monitoring or recording.


FLIR Products

  • Network Video Management Systems and NVRs

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  • HD, MegaPixel IP video surveillance cameras

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  • Encoders and decoders

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  • Video Analytics : ioimage® and Server Analytics

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  • Thermal Analytic Solution

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  • Servers, Storage & Clients 

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  • Applications and integration infrastructure 

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Intelligent Modules 

Products portfolio includes a growing family of  intelligent modules, which unique to DVTel and included as a part of a Latitude Network Video Management System

Build-in Latitude Modules

TrueWitness scene tracker b casebilder

google-earth-app ipad hd mentor agent

Open Platform

DVTEL Integrated party

It supports many of the most popular brands of IP cameras, encoders, access control readers and panels, and intercoms. With DVTel’s iSOC, you will never be locked into proprietary hardware.

The platform also includes a growing family of DVTel software solutions including SceneTracker Video Stitching Software, CaseBuilder Incident Reporting and Management System, Integrated Access Control, and Mentor Agent Recording and Training Software.

Find more about Applications and Integration Center (AIC)

Network Based

DVTEL Edge Devices supp

The intelligent Security Operations Center is network based and is easily scalable from one to thousands of IP edge devices, making it a cost-effective solution for any size installation.

Is an IP-based, software solution with the flexibility, scalability, and integration potential to be truly future-proof.

Fully Redundant

Federation - Multiple DirectoriesLatitude' redundant architecture supporting failover ensures the most options for deploying a fault tolerant, mission critical architecture to minimize any liability in case of failure in hardware, software, network, or a multitude of other factors.

Is a rule-based platform with total Multi-source Intelligent Management that gives the end user the power to acquire information in video, audio and/or data format; administer and analyze this information; and then take appropriate, timely action.

Is based on a distributed architecture, so the end user can leverage existing analog products and networking, computer and storage infrastructure.