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Piccolo is a mobile video surveillance solution for the HLS and monitoring remote areas; serves as a tactical device for agencies and administrations require mobile multimedia surveillance and monitoring solutions, with location services for low enforcement, Safe Cities and VSAAS applications. Piccolo logo final

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The Piccolo is designed for real-time, surveillance and monitoring capabilities with high video quality, fully synchronized with bi-directional audio, and GPS location services that can be transmitted from the field at low bandwidth.

The Piccolo architecture which supports multiple units and multiple clients, allows continues and reliable transmission without overloading the network, while supporting numerous on-field units.

The Piccolo provides high quality live video and audio, as well as GPS transmission over wireless and cellular networks (3G & LTE & GPRS & HSPA & EDGE & Wi-Fi) from anywhere to any location. The unit can be monitored and controlled from Network System Management (PSM) at any location, or from smart phones and PDAs.

The system is planned to stream video with a very low bit rate (from 10kbit/s and up). The Piccolo units are optimized for wireless and cellular networks and provide stable video streaming at the highest available quality, without visible performance lag (low latency). The system is designed for streaming in low network bandwidth environments over long distances and is tolerant of packet failure when cellular GSM reception is low.

The Piccolo Management Software (PMS) is advanced scalable complete software comprising of Server/ Client/ architecture, allowing configuring, monitoring and controlling hundreds of on-field live Piccolo units from any location. The PMS software is designed to provide the operator with HLS related features and possibilities, while maintaining maximum user friendliness.

Security Live Video Transmission application 

  • Aviation
  • Corrections Institutes
  • Data from the "dead zones"
  • Emergency Service Vehicles
  • Fire services
  • Medical Services
  • Personnel
  • Public Transport
  • Remote Sites
  • Service Physical security
  • Stationary Station
  • The mobile vehicles

 Among the Piccolo benefits you can find:

  • Portable Mobile Video/Audio/GPS solution
  • Automatic bandwidth control
  • 1-4 video channels over single unit
  • Requires only a single SIM Card
  • Built-in Panic button
  • SMS alerts to Mobile phones
  • On-Unit and Centralized recording capabilities
  • Built-in lithium rechargeable battery providing 4 working hours
  • Advanced user friendly software
  • Unit S/W upgrade on the fly
  • Uses very low power (5V)
  • Smallest Unit in Industry – Only 10x5x2.8cm and 130gr
  • Stream media directly to the web

The system is designed for streaming in low network bandwidth environments, over long distances, and is tolerant of packet failure when cellular GSM reception is low. Any analogue PAL/NTSC camera can be connected to the unit.

The architecture is based on a PSM server which can reside either on an Internet fixed IP, VPN or inside the unit. The architecture was designed specifically for multi unit application, long distance environments such as wireless cellular networks. PSM has real time bandwidth control capability and is very tolerant of packet failure. 


Built-in lithium battery (4 hours)

Built-in LAN (through interface cable)

Small size (5 x10 x 3 cm)