Olvitech SVN group supports its local partners and system integrators by providing comprehensive services, such as project management, supervising, personal training, technical support both with a warranty and without, design, and many more. That way, Olvitech’s goal of ensuring the full implementation of the methods, systems and products with our clients is attained. Olvitech’s support service staff is made of first rate, highly efficient employees that are available to offer their services to all Olvitech’s certified Partners.

Ensuring Olvitech SVN group clients’ satisfaction is of the aught most importance to us, and we view it as the main contributor to our success. We train, support and provision our partners, so that the services they offer Olvitech’s clients are of the highest rate. Ensuring the entire Olvitech family, including its partners, possesses the necessary expertise for our clients’ needs always comes first.

Olvitech’s view of services is as follows:

  • To provide comprehensive services, offering full support for implementation, we conduct our business closely with partners. 
  • To provide long-lasting services, offering assistance in operation, as well as implementation, the entire Olvitech family, including its partners, maintains a strict level of standards. 
  • To provide the finest services in all parts and branches of the Olvitech SVN Group, we offer flexible SLA terms to our certified partners. 
  • To provide effective services, we offer on-site training programs of the product and system’s portfolio.
  • To meet the satisfaction of our clients and protect their investment in technology, we use the highest quality, most advanced methods, in addition to our profound understanding of the field, due to vast experience.

Project Management

Starting with the concrete challenges that our clients need to address, Olvitech offers full project planning services; many businesses in today’s world have difficulties in doing so independently. Olvitech offers its clients with infrastructure that enables future growth, by using a design of unified system environments. The modular attributes of the infrastructure can always be changed and designed according to various needs.

The Olvitech project management approach: 

For Olvitech, the most important objective is to realize the project to its full potential, still maintaining a broad view and understanding of the project’s limitations; an analysis of the size of the project, the budget at hand, a schedule and dead-lines, quality control and general optimization of the project’s resources bears the most basic importance to the project.

The first step Olvitech SVN group takes is to learn about its client’s business, so we understand its requirements as much as possible. Our custom-constructed approach, in addition to our vast experience renders Olvitech project management to be reliable, easily maintained, and most importantly - prudent.


*       Design is valid for the extent of our offering portfolio.