ATEME is a video compression solution provider to the broadcast and telecom. It's encoding solutions are deployed widely in broadcast contribution links over satellite or fiber networks, in video distribution to the home, and in multi-screen delivery of live channels and VOD, also known as Over-The-Top video. The company addresses compression applications ranging from 3D and Ultra High Definition transmissions to web and mobile streaming. 



contribution ateme
ATEME Contribution Solutions feature high-fidelity encoding and decoding of video and audio, tailored for Digital Satellite News Gathering organizations, Sports Television Networks, leading broadcasters and Services Providers. To connect trucks, stadiums, venues and production facilities through open or private networks, over fiber or satellite links, ATEME Contribution solutions combine reliability, ease of use and the highest bandwidth efficiency. 

With the unstoppable need for High Definition and always better video experience, the bandwidth constraints are increasing for Television Professionals. The Contribution market is not an exception: Operators have to transition from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 technology to transport live content over limited-bandwidth Satellite and IP networks. Achieving the highest fidelity to the original source (video quality, lip synch), low latency, total interoperability, all while minimizing costs, such are the usual challenges for ATEME’s Contribution clients.

ATEME Contribution offering features

  • High fidelity processing solution for news and premium events in mobile/fixed contribution
  • Cutting-edge codec technologies covering from MPEG-2 up to MPEG-4 4:2:2 10-bit in1080p50/60 resolution
  • Operation-proof benefits with extended management of redundancy, modulation/demodulation, encryption, error correction and audio formats
  • Full compliancy with the Contribution standards and protocols



distribution atemeATEME’s Distribution solutions address Video Head-End requirements of Pay-TV providers who operate Cable, Satellite, or IPTV networks. It also fits the needs of Broadcasters that distribute their channels directly via Digital Terrestrial Television or operate a primary distribution network for their affiliates.
TV providers are facing an increasing number of challenges that could be summed up as “newer, bigger, better, cheaper”. The transition to digital TV is indeed not yet entirely complete and some analog services remain in operation. Further to the adoption of even wider TV screens, end-users set high expectations on HD channels and overall better quality. As a result, Video payloads keep increasing while networks are still bandwidth-constrained. Finally, these digital revolutions must be turned into budget realities and made compatible with lower Capital and Operational Expenditures.

ATEME Distribution offering features

  • From acquisition to delivery in a 24/7 fully redundant environment
  • Scalable and integrated solutions for antennas, signal modulation/demodulation, video processing, ad insertion and statistical multiplexing
  • Fit for IPTV, DVBS-S/S2, DVB-T/DVB-T2, DVB-C/DVB-C2, ISDB-Tb deployments



Ateme Contrb encoder

 Contribution encoders

Professional Encoders CM3101B, CM3101CM4101 and CM5000 for IP and Satellite contribution networks

Ateme Dist encoder

♦ Distribution Encoders

AS2204 – AM2101 – AM2102 deliver pristine video quality at very low bitrates for IPTV, DVB-T , DVB-S, DVB-C and ISDB-T Video Head Ends
Ateme Transcoder

♦ Transcoders

TITAN Live and TITAN File /KFE enable Live/File-based converging workflow for TV, Web and Mobile deliveries.
Ateme IRD

♦ Integrated Receiver Decoders

Professional IRDs DR8100 , DR8400 and MC3000 offer powerful and cost-effective receiving and decoding solutions
Ateme Mux

♦ Multiplexers

Modular platform MC3100 and dynamic statistical rate allocator SR1000 provide flexible scrambling and multiplexing solutions
Ateme NMS

♦ Network Management System

DataMiner is an open and flexible supervision solution providing a fully customizable monitoring and management tool for Video Head Ends

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