TruWitness is a revolutionary application that transforms cell phones into real-time networked video surveillance cameras. Users are able to tap into the power of their smart devices to stream, record, analyze, review and export video from any location. Available with DVTEL’s Latitude 6.2 VMS , the product operates over WiFi, 3G/4G and LTE networks, and provides security and operational teams with more mobility than ever before. It extends the coverage of surveillance networks to reach blind spots and other areas that traditional cameras cannot reach, and enables the relocation of cameras in real time, as the needs arises.



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SOFTWARE MANAGEMENTNetwork Video Management System 

The NVMS is a fully Scalable enterprise-class media management system. This advanced network based system architecture enables simultaneous live monitoring from multiple stations and is easily configurable for storage both on and off site. The software can be configured to store and to view from one to thousands of cameras and monitor connections across an unlimited number of servers.

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What devices does TruWitnessTM support?
Large screen (3.5″+) Android based Smartphone, OS version 2.2 or 2.3 or above.

What other Smartphones are compatible with TruWitness? 
Today, TruWitness works seamlessly with the Android operating system. Additional integrations are being considered for future releases.

How do you stream live video from the Android Device? 
The mobile user initiates the app with a simple tap on the touch screen.

What do I need to connect? What type of video can I stream?
You need Latitude 6.2 software and a new mobile camera connection license. TruWitness operates over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and LTE. Performance is affected by available bandwidth. Either MJPEG or H.264 video compression can be selected, with additional configurable parameters.

Can you make phone calls or talk to the command and control center while streaming? 
Not at this time. Enhancements to the Android OS may allow for simultaneous use of the phone and TruWitness application. Today, the OS limits use to either the phone or the application.

How can I use TruWitness?

There are many applications for this unique and powerful feature. In an emergency, First responders can use their devices to provide visual status reports of an accident scene to their control room or other emergency agencies. Staff in a sports stadium can document altercations, problems or other important information visually and in real time. Imagine the possibilities of having multiple mobile cameras on site and on scene to provide live video. The applications are limitless.

How does TruWitness improve coverage?

A TruWitness enabled Android phone puts a live camera at the scene – wherever the scene happens to be. Whether as a compliment to existing installed cameras, or in areas of concealment and out of view from fixed cameras, TruWitness enabled devices take you to where the event is occurring for live recording.

What is the cost?

Initially, we are offering TruWitness license to existing and new Latitude 6.2 users free of charge. After that, pricing will be provided to those who want to add TruWitness to their DVTel system.